Imagine this:

Six adults, ten kids, one chihuahua, two cabins, one tent, one boat, two tubes, three days and no reception.

Does that resonate with you?

If BBQs, beers, Cold Chisel and open fires aren’t really your thing, you may as well stop reading here. 😉

However, you’re in the ‘cool crew’ if you know there’s nothing better than spending the night relaxing on an air bed and listening to the sounds of crickets (and the occasional drunk larrican who hasn’t realised the party’s over for the night).

When I’m not hustling my way through life, this is home to me. Unfortunately, the hustle has been a huge part of my business over the past few years and I haven’t camped as much would like to. The last three days were exactly what I needed to remind me of the life I want to get back to.

A life where you don’t check your watch all day, you wake up to watch the light move across the river, and your first warm sip of coffee takes the chill out of the morning.

A life where kids are out of bed first thing in the morning and are more than willing to help clean up, just so they can jump on the boat and go out tubing until the sun goes down.

A life where the nights are about marshmallows on the fire with kids, clear skies filled with stars, and intoxicated laughs with mates when the kids are asleep.

A life where your phone gets no reception, you have no laptop, and for the first time in a long time, you aren’t thinking about your business back home.

Ahhhh heaven.

Not only heaven for me, but for everyone around me.

My kids had a mum who was present for three days to play cops and robbers, to chase them around the campsite and scare them at night [insert evil laugh here], to sit on the water’s edge together and watch the sun go down.

My hubby had a wife who wanted to talk about normal life, without the stress of kids’ appointments, the business, and life in general. A wife who wasn’t absently creating lists and planning clients’ business strategies in her head while making dinner and discussing hubby’s day at work.

My friends actually got to see me, which is rare these days. They also had the privilege of listening to my awesome (loud) humour for two nights in a row, which is even more obnoxious after consuming alcohol.

For three days, I was Stacey. I wasn’t Save My Books.

I don’t know about you, but as a business owner, sometimes I start to feel like my business infiltrates every part of my life.

I stress about money.

I stress about staff.

I stress about deadlines.

I stress about clients.

Some days I feel like if I’m not losing my identity to being a mum, I’m losing it to my business.

Like any good business advisor, I’m highly invested in helping my clients succeed and to do this I often spend time thinking, pondering, strategising, and walking in their shoes to come up with ways for them to run more profitable businesses that serve them better.

I can’t put into words how much I love my clients. I would go so far as to say that I love business so much, it’s become somewhat of an addiction. When I don’t have anything to do, I get a bit lost. I’m uber aware that this isn’t healthy, which is exactly why I’ve started writing more lately.

Do you know this pain? The burn of dedicating so much of your time and energy to your business, to the point where you start to feel like it encroaches on every aspect of your life?

Where you’re starting to say no to camping trips because you have an urgent deadline?

Or you’re breaking promises to take your kids to the park because you can’t afford to lose those couple of hours of precious work time?

How about when you feel like you haven’t seen your friends in yonks, because your business now dominates your weekends?

I’ve been there, and if I’m not mindful of myself I still slip back into that pattern. I pay a massive penalty for it, both mentally and physically. My local GP and specialists can all attest to the damage I’ve done to my body with my addiction to the hustle. It ain’t pretty.

It’s exactly why I sit down every quarter (school term for me) and set out my goals for the term and all the action steps I need to take to achieve them, along with a 90-day plan to make sure I kick arse.

It’s exactly why I’m going to make sure I include more camping trips in this quarter’s 90-day plan, and you should do the same.

Start making time for things outside of your business that mean something to you. Take the kids to the park, catch up with mates, catch up on renos, go camping. Do something that takes your mind out of overwhelm and into the present, if only for a few hours. Then when you return to work you’ll be ready to get shit done, without the brain fog and resentment that comes from constantly slogging it out.

If you want to know more about the process I go through to set my goals, plan out my time, budget my numbers, stay accountable and, most importantly, make space for camping trips, I’ve created an online program detailing the exact process I use every 90 days. Check it out here: