Have you ever thought “My business is too small; I’m not sure if a bookkeeper is necessary”? 🤔

Excellent question!

I’m not here to piss in your pocket and tell you that every business NEEDS a bookkeeper and that without a beancounter you’re destined for biz failure.

BS is not my style; I’m a straight talker (which some may say is my downfall). 😉

What I will tell is you is that business is incredibly lonely at times.

And wearing all those biz hats can get daunting, confusing, and just plain time-consuming.


What I will tell you is that with every task I complete in my business, I ask myself two simple questions:

1️⃣ How long will this task take me to complete?

2️⃣ Am I the only person that can complete this task?

From that, I decide the trade I want to make:

👉 Time or money? 👈

✔️ If I’m willing to part with time, I’ll fudge my way through the task; it won’t be near perfect, but it’ll get done, and ill save money.

✔️ If I’m willing to part with money, I’ll find a qualified person to complete the task for me, and I’ll expect quality in return for my dollars.

~ There is no right or wrong answer here, and neither action will be the demise of your business – no matter what any ‘expert’ may tell you ~

I will (and do), happily pay professionals to complete tasks for my business that are out of my genius zone.

All. The. Time.

I will (and do), learn new skills to support my business that are out of my genius zone.

All. The. Time.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 🤷🤣😉

When I first started out out in business, more often than not, I was willing to trade time #brokemofo.

These days, I opt to trade money more often than not #soeffinbusy.

Quite simply, with seven kids and a couple of businesses, time is my most precious resource.

What’s yours?