What did Sunday bring you?


Strolls in the sunshine?

Pushing kids on the swing?

BBQ’s with friends?

Reno’s on the house?


Business shit?

When I was younger, Sunday was always family day.

Tools down (unless said tools were working on the house).

Computers off.

BBQ on.

Nowadays, things are different.

Since owning a business, I’ve realised that Sunday is typically the day business owners spend ‘catching up’.

Sunday is the one day when our phone isn’t ringing, the email isn’t firing constantly, and it feels like we have a bit of breathing space.

So naturally, we use that breathing space to catch up.

Invoicing, quoting, paying bills, filing…

You know the drill.

Question for you my friend:

What’s your Sunday worth to you?

Cause I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a beer with my mates, while hubby cooks the BBQ and I push the kids on the swing as opposed to shuffling paperwork and drilling my brain for the 1,258 consecutive day in a row…

My time and my headspace are worth so much more than that.


Here’s a quick thought; what’s the monetary value of your time per hour/day?

Now take that amount, and calculate how much $$ you’re wasting shuffling paper on your ‘rest’ day…

Scary right?1?!?!

Here’s the clincher; for a relatively small weekly fee, you could have all your paperwork taken care of with an efficient paperless system, bank accounts reconciled weekly, payroll sorted, and BAS’s prepared and lodged by a Registered BAS Agent.

Not only that, you could have monthly management reporting delivered to your inbox every single month; so you know exactly how your business is performing in real-time.

All completed remotely by professional financial sidekicks aka Aussie working mums.

So you can kick ass in business AND enjoy your Sundays.
Sounds pretty good, right?

We have only just opened our books to new clients after nearly four months.

See, we believe in delivering a premium service to all our clients here at Save My Books, and to give our clients the highest level of service we will only take on a limited number of clients.

Now is the time to act if you’re thinking of outsourcing your numbers headache, so pop me msg and let’s chat.


Your friendly beer-drinking, BBQ’ing, BAS Agent