Today has been one of those days, where I don’t necessarily feel bad, I just don’t feel good either.

You know, where things just don’t feel ‘right’.

I mean, juggling a family with business always feels chaotic, I constantly have a feeling like I’m missing something, or I’ve forgotten something, or like I just haven’t got enough done.

I’m totally aware that if I smash out an awesome day in the business, I’m going to go to bed at night feeling like I haven’t entirely given my family what they need that day.

And on the same token, when I go to bed at night feeling like I’ve been a great mum and I’ve gone the extra mile for my kiddies that day, in the back of my head I’m a little worried that maybe I haven’t given my clients enough love that day.

Do you ever feel like this?

Or am I just going a little crazy?

Sometimes I wonder if being a little crazy is a prerequisite to being a business owner? Like we need that bit of ‘irrational’ to fuel us every day and to endure all the demands of running a business continually.

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But today has felt different to normal. I don’t feel like I’ve excelled in either business or family, in saying that, it’s not like I’ve been laying around relaxing either.

I don’t like feeling ‘blah’. I like feeling motivated and energized, and enthusiastic, and like many business owners I work with every day, I usually have a constant barrage of ideas and thoughts running through my head. To the point where I typically have to stop myself and remind myself to slow down, rely on the power of focus and execute on one goal before creating more.

I’m a massive believer in this form of goal setting, every quarter I pick three goals, I break them down, create an action plan, and I bust my butt for 90 days to achieve those goals before I let myself begin any further goals.

Sure, sometimes I need to realign and tweak my action plan, but I always make sure I stick to my path, so I don’t end up on a treadmill, running full speed, pumping out multitudes of half-finished projects.

Right now, I’m nearing the end of my 90-day sprint, and the shine and excitement of a fresh new goal is starting to wear off. I’m in the stage of the project where it’s make or break time, and stamina needs to kick in.

Where right now, I’m tired, a little bored, questioning myself a bit, and I’m just chewing at the bit to start something new and fresh.

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See a 90-day sprint is like a marathon, you come off the start line full throttle, with boundless enthusiasm and energy, and thinking the finish line is just around the corner. You start powering your way through it, but then it starts to lose its shine, you get tired, sore, and you begin to lose your vision of the finish line.

After some thought, you realise that to get to the finish line, you still have a shit load of work to put in, but you’re already exhausted, and for a short second, you would rather be anywhere but where you are right now. This is when the mindset challenge kicks in, you can quit and lose all your hard work, or you can suck it up and get to the finish line.

This is me right now, I’m at the point where I can’t turn back, I’ve put too much effort in already, and I can’t give up (cause I don’t quit, ever), so the only way out is to keep going forward. And I will not get to that finish line without some kind of victory, because although I’m not competitive to others around me, I’m competing against myself.

So, what did I do?

Tonight, I revisited my three goals for this quarter, and I reviewed my vision for the next twelve months.
Then I jumped into Xero to check out my numbers and make sure I’m on budget. Like a good little number ninja, I forecast out all my financial targets in Xero so I can see at a glance how I’m travelling…

Then I sat back, looked at my calendar for the rest of my 90-day sprint, made any tweaks, and made sure that I will cross that finish line, with some victories under my belt.

Will I smash all the goals?

Maybe not entirely this quarter, unfortunately, this quarter has thrown some shit at me (like life does), and it’s hurt some of the time I had available to put into my goals.

But I’ll tell you something now; I’ll be damn close to achieving all three of my goals, which will be a fantastic feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the satisfaction that will come from having grown my business, without sacrificing my time with my family.

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In just a couple of weeks from now, I’ll be grateful that I pushed through this hard part of my 90-day sprint, that I stuck to my plan, avoided the shiny look of projects and focused on completing my current project before starting anything else.

And I know without a doubt, that this day of feeling ‘blah’ will be insignificant in the whole process, and was indeed not an opportunity to quit…

In the next couple of weeks, I have a day set aside to plan out my goals for the next quarter, I’ll then break them out into actionable steps and schedule out my 90-day sprint, so I can be sure to allow enough time to get them achieved. Which means I’ll have three more exciting projects to dig into [insert ecstatic, excited, entrepreneur face here]…

My message for you tonight? When life gets ‘blah’, stop, look at what you’ve done, how far you’ve come, and what you’ve achieved… Then get your compass or plan, and realign yourself with the finish line… Take a swig of water/coffee/Redbull/Vodka and start jogging… Because you may just be nearing the end of your marathon…

And if you want to know more about how I plan out my goals, so that I’ll achieve them, check out my online program, #goaldigger. It’s full of helpful training on defining goals, maximising your products and services, time-management, and setting financial targets. It’s also the exact process I go through every single quarter to make sure I’m using the power of focus and action to get shit done, smash goals and also have a family life!