There I was, standing in a room of adults, scared shitless.
100% sure that everyone in the room was watching and waiting for me to screwup.
Trip up, fall over, give up.
At this moment I started thinking… what happens to us as adults?
I mean, we go from being children that are confident, and careless, and happy to take on the world.
As children, we’ll enthusiastically try new things, and fall …over, and over again…
Then as adults, we build this wall of safety, our primal protective instinct kicks in.
It stops us from trying anything that may put us in ‘danger’.
In my case, the danger was my perceived failure and embarrassment.
Let me set the scene.
Over the past two years, I’ve talked about going back to Karate.
Now, after once being a Karate Sensei over eighteen years ago, you could say that I’ve put a tad bit of pressure onto myself.
My expectations of myself are quite high, to say the least.
I don’t do anything half-assed.
Thing is, I’m also super aware that I’ve been extremely lazy since leaving Karate.
And after birthing a tribe of children, it’s not going to be easy to earn my black belt this time around.
So what have I done?
What every great Type A person would do.
…I’ve planned…
I’ll start walking first…
Then I’ll workout from home…
Then I’ll progress to the gym…
After that, I’ll start CrossFit…
Then I’ll ease into Karate…
Want to know what’s come of all my planning?
Sweet FA!
Or for a better word:
Now, I’m working hard on calling out my own stories that control my life.
So I called it.
I went to Karate.
I felt so bloody nervous, intimidated, and not in control.
It was hard, it hurt, I struggled, and my level of skill had deteriorated.
Want to know something else?
Once I started, I didn’t care what anyone thought.
I was so busy concentrating, that I couldn’t have cared less about what any onlookers were thinking.
I thought about it afterwards, and I realised that I was self-absorbed to think that people would be looking.
Because everyone in that Dojo had all felt the same feelings at some time.
And really, even if they did laugh at the super awkward roundhouse that had me wondering if I was going to pee my pants.
… was it my business?… should I even care?
—> Or should I continue, making my way, creating my path, kicking my own damn goals? <---
Regardless of what anyone around me might say.
Want to know a secret?
I came home extremely sore, but super fxcking proud that I’d finally started.
I got the ball rolling; I created momentum.
I’m now one class closer to my black belt.
—> One small step <---
Now, what have my Karate goals have to do with your business?
These feelings; —> hesitation, procrastination, anxiety <---
They’re the feelings I see in business owners every day in their businesses.
They put off launching a new product.
They play it small.
They live in fear of what other people might think.
And it’s such a terrible waste.
Please don’t do it; your business, your product, your message – it matters.
Serve it.
Cause after you start, you’ll be so busy being awesome, you’ll forget why you even put it off in the first place!
If it feels like too much
…Small Steps…
Your Friendly (sore) White Belt Financial Sidekick 🥋