7 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is The Way To Go

Don’t be left up in the air by traditional IT solutions, you NEED to be in the cloud (see what I did there).

Let me convince you with my top 7 reasons why you need to consider getting with the times….

1. Save Money and Time

Traditionally, a small business spends money licensing software or buying packages to install or download onto individual computers. Cloud computing, on the other hand, can provide ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) – including many programs that are available individually.

They’re stored on the service provider’s remote servers instead of on your hard drive so you don’t need a high-end computer to use them.

The automation provided by cloud computing also saves costs. Many companies have slashed their IT overheads because their service providers are directly taking care of updates and program maintenance for them. If you are like me, and continually ignore that little window that keeps reminding me “updates are available”, this is a game-changer!

3. Share More

Put simply, cut the email tag – put that doc in Dropbox or Drive and collaborate together…

4. Flexibility

Data storage is one of the core SaaS offerings of cloud computing – forget having to dedicate space for computer servers to save your data, it’s all being taken care of already.

This means that instead of having to invest in more hard drives and servers to increase capacity, a growing business can simply store everything on the cloud. All you need is an internet connection and devices to access it.

5. Improve Reliability

Cloud computing is proving that software as a service, rather than as a product, is more reliable. With so many people using a single program, instead of everyone using individual copies, service providers are directly managing software and being updated about issues immediately.

Having your team access the same data files eliminates the possibility of duplicate and conflicting work.

6. Be mobile

It’s almost as if cloud computing was designed specifically for mobile devices because you don’t rely on the device itself for storage capacity. You don’t have to email documents from home to work computers anymore.

7. Quickly Recover From Disaster

Hands up if you keep a separate portable hard-drive on your desk, with the best intentions to back up at the end of the day; but it kinda never happens?

Backing up important documents on a separate hard drive is important, whether you’re using cloud computing or not. But if you are like the majority of busy business owners, this doesn’t always happen…

Enter cloud storage options where you have an extra layer of protection, as long as you have an internet connection, you have your precious documents!